Designed for Steps 1 - 4 of ASC 606, CR2's contract repository is perfect for assessing readiness and ongoing control of your contracts with customers. Check out the cool features >>
CR2's rules-based revenue recognition engine tackles Step 5 of the of the Revenue Recognition model by integrating with your ERP system to transform sales-related activity into journal entries. Check it out >>
Since CR2 lives in the cloud it is ready for immediate implementation. Whether you are in a single location or distributed globally, your entire team can leverage our intelligent revenue recognition solution. Check it out >>
CR2 is all about providing an intelligent and structured approach to transitioning to ASC 606 and IFRS 15. Our software goes far beyond what you can do using the accountant's best friend... spreadsheets.

Just some of the features in CR2's innovative feature set are:

Recognition Engine

CR2 is so much more than a 'readiness tool'. It adapts to your business structure and integrates with your ERP system to record revenue.

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The Technology Behind CR2

CR2 is a modern cloud-based software application for revenue recognition.

Launch of CR2

Across a range of responses to the new revenue recognition standards, our response is to provide technology so you can work smarter, not harder.